New update!

Here's the new content and patch!

-Added lights along the outside of the asteroid field walls

-Changed the walls into an asteroid field

-Fixed delta timing in the new movement system.

-Added pitch change to shot and hurt sounds.

-Added speed boost pads to the racing mode.

-Added main menu background

-Changed speed limiter controls to space.

-Added a loading screen.

-Added countdown that starts when all players have joined the map or after 30 seconds 1 person have joined.

-Added speed boosts to every race map.

-Redesigned every race map.

-Added a fourth race map that is twice as wide as the normal maps.

-Made the map size dynamic so maps can be as big as I make them.

-Fixed the netcode problem so people will always be on the map when they should be.

-Made the minimaps tidier.

-Added beep sound to start countdown.

-Fixed the i in the LOADiNG screen.

-Added star background.

-Added boost sound.

-Changed x and y update back to clientside.

-Fixed delta timing.

-Added autotiling to make the track show up better.

-Added asteroid tiles.

-Added asteroid tiles with lights.


Gravity Arena 9 MB
Jun 08, 2017
Gravity Arena Server 2 MB
Jun 08, 2017

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