A downloadable game for Windows

Gravity Arena is a 2d floaty multiplayer space shooter where you will either face off in a deadly free for all, team deathmatch or fast paced racing!

I recommend the racing gamemode as that is the most developed one!

Move with WASD

Shoot with Left mouse button

Change bullet type with 1,2,3,4

Toggle speed limiter with Space

Score with Tab


Gravity Arena 9 MB
Gravity Arena Server 2 MB
Gravity Arena Zirhax Test.rar 9 MB

Install instructions

To start a server, double click the Gravity Arena Server file and select your game mode. The server is now started and is going through port 50000. You'll have to portforward this port if you want to play over the internet.

To start the game start the Gravity Arena file and select multiplayer. To join your friends server, write your desired name and your friends IP and click connect. You have now connected to your friends server!

Development log