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Recent updates

New update!
Big changes made! The ants are now able to die, carry beetles, eat them, splatter blood! Bunch of exciting stuff. Sorry for the lack of updates. Life took over...
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Lack of updates
Hello! I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy with school and life for a while now. But I'm currently working on a food system with beetles and the s...
Patch fix
Noticed a pathfinding issue when going down/right before placing the ants. Now they are able to dig and act like normal. //Zirhax...
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Patch Notes
Hello guys! Here's the patch notes for the latest update! -Spawn button is right click -Choose an area from the procedural generated terrain by placing down you...
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Woho! First update is now out, exciting stuff all around! Randomly generated terrain, dig orders and more! Have fun and play around a bit :) //Zirhax...
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Is it coming back?
So, long time since something happened to ant simulation. Ehm, I'm getting some perhaps "nostalgic" feelings about ant simulation and because of that I'm planni...

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